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Pend Oreille County Radio Group


The Pend Oreille County Radio Group (POCRG) was started in 2017 by retired law enforcement and fire department personnel.


We share a simple vision: to provide local communities and agencies with alternative and emergency forms of communications via the use of two-way radios.
The Project

This project covers band plans that are accessible to the community such as Amateur Radio, GMRS and MURS.

Many local agencies and communities have been added into the group. These entities all share the same communications plan and channel line-up. This provides for continuity in communications and channels.

  • POCRG: Provides training, education and radio programming to ensure alternative forms of communications exists for all.
  • Who is involved: Communities, neighbors, businesses, agencies, local governments.
  • License Requirements: No licenses required to talk on our system using GMRS, FRS, MURS.
  • License required to talk on Amateur Radio Frequencies
  • Cost: FREE to join. Multi-use radios start at $23.00 - $62.00 (for mid-grade)
    How does it work?


  • Designed for constant monitoring and use: 1 channel is reserved and used for monitoring, checking in and for calling others in community etc. Other channels are available to use for general purpose, day to day, family use, etc.

  • Daily use encouraged: Once programmed with shared frequency bands, you are encouraged to use them daily and routinely as "walkie-talkie" type radios for the purpose of general communications (home/work/mobile/hiking, fishing, camping, etc). This also has the added benefit of providing you practice should a real-world emergency arise.

  • Radios can be programmed to:

  • Receive emergency broadcasts from communities, Emergency Management, ARES/RACES, local/state agencies.

  • Receive NOAA weather radio.

  • Scan non-encrypted Police/Fire/EMS/USFS/DNR/etc. frequencies

  • Talk on MURS, FRS, GMRS, no license required.

  • Talk on Ham radio frequencies, license required. (Recommended)

  • Upgrade your communications capabilities with an amateur radio license


    You are not required to be an amateur radio operator to join POCRG and use the radio system, but it will open up more doors for you regarding communications if you wish to get your license in the future.
    The easiest Amateur Radio License (Ham License) to get is technician class. Learning Morse Code is not required. Study material designed to help YOU pass your Amateur Radio Technician Class License is currently available to you FREE of charge. This material is designed to help YOU pass the 35-question multiple choice test.

    The domain pocrg.org is registered with internic to The Radio Group, and is operated and maintained by: Dale Weathers, webmaster.

    Main site url is http://pocrg.org

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